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Leading producer electronically tintable glass for windows, skylights, and curtain walls has this immediate need!


Company produces electronically tintable glass for windows, skylights, and curtain walls. It tints automatically or on demand to control sunlight, without shades or blinds. Company products transform the indoor experience by controlling sunlight to optimize daylight, outdoor views and comfort while preventing glare, fading and overheating without the need for blinds or shades.


Company is seeking an Intellectual Property (IP) Liaison who has engineering and intellectual property experience working with fast-paced, high-tech companies. This person will work closely with, and under the direction of, in-house IP Counsel and help with the day-to-day aspects of the Company IP portfolio, including technical analysis, patent prosecution, portfolio management, trade secrets and know-how.



  • IP portfolio management – identify/prioritize valuable intellectual property, including trade-secrets, and implementing a robust protection strategy

  • Patent/Technology analysis and landscaping – prepare/deliver insightful presentations/reports on major trends, competitor activity, and specific technologies

  • Patent prosecution management - review invention disclosures, searches, patent applications, and office actions with inventors, in-house/outside counsel

  • Harvest inventions - develop deep understanding of lab / R&D activities and procedures, schedule and conduct technical discussions with engineers, and assist in documenting all IP discovered

  • IP agreements - assist counsel with IP aspects of agreements, including non- disclosure agreements, and joint development agreements

  • Support the development of and implementation of IP strategies

  • Assist in providing IP related education and training



  • BS in Electrical Engineering or Material Science (semiconductor related) is required

  • 2 - 3 years of industry experience including patent drafting is required

  • Patent Agent registered with the USPTO preferred

  • Excellent communication skills including good influencing skills

  • Strong attention to detail